Kids Who Fidget and Move – And What To Do About It !

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Well I know I’ve said it  with a smile to kids in my class when I was a teacher ” Oooh have you got ants in your pants today?”

Frequently children get into trouble at home and in school because they move too much.

They fidget, fall off chairs, or leave their seats when they are expected to remain seated and are generally disruptive to the class.

My great pal across the pond Dr Lynne Kenney explores why kids move and what to do about it. Lynne  is a mother of two, a practicing pediatric psychologist at in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the author of The Family Coach Method.

Here’s her wonderful blog …..

Children move at home and in the classroom, for a variety of reasons.

In our work we have seen children move too much due to sensory overstimulation, hearing issues and even difficulty seeing.  Neurobiological issues such as ADHD, learning issues, developmental differences and delays in social-emotional development may also be factors. As we know from research, younger children in a classroom are diagnosed more with ADHD than their older peers, so we need to consider is this an ages and stages or biological issue.  Brain development happens over time and as the brain matures, children often gain better control of their attention, motor inhibition and their emotional responses to social situations.

It’s valuable for us to become detectives and consider what the child gains from excessive movement and how this movement benefits the child.

First, let us consider a few reasons children move. Then we will look at what we can say and do with our children to help them develop new skills.

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