At be.Streetwise we believe every young person should be taught the skills to deal with aggression, confrontation, and violence. These skills need to be taught in ethically, and in a legally sound framework.

We believe that, as individuals, we are responsible for our own personal safety. When our personal safety is compromised, we are the first responders. We are the first on scene and it is our actions that will dictate the outcome of these difficult situations and encounters.

Many people think of personal safety and self-defence as a physical action. This is important, but we have to realise that many difficult situations can be detected and defused prior to them turning physical.

The Good Childhood report tells us that the biggest barrier to a child’s happiness is the FEAR of crime. This FEAR erodes self-confidence and resilience, and this will stay with a child into adulthood. As educators we have a ‘duty of care’ to empower our children with the ‘life skills’ for independent living. It is these true ‘life skills’ that will allow our next generation to meet the rigors and challenges that they will face in our modern world.

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