Ctrl+Alt+Delay: Why Parents Don’t Use Parental Controls

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I talk to lots of parents about all sorts of things, naturally, in my work but I’ve noticed not many parents think to use parental controls on their child’s devices.

There seems to be quite a few reasons why not from:

🕹️Lack of Awareness:

Some parents aren’t aware of the existence or capabilities of parental control features on devices and apps. Without knowledge of these tools, they don’t  realise the importance or benefits of using them.


Parental control settings can sometimes be complex to set up and navigate, especially for parents who aren’t tech-savvy. The complexity of these tools may deter some parents from using them or cause frustration when attempting to configure them.


Some parents may feel hesitant to use parental controls because they want to foster trust and open communication with their children. They seem to worry that using strict controls could strain their relationship or convey a lack of trust in their child’s judgment.

🕵️‍♀️Perceived Intrusiveness:

Parents seem to be concerned about appearing intrusive or overly controlling by implementing parental controls. They seem to worry about infringing on their child’s privacy or autonomy, particularly as their children grow older and seek more independence.

⌛️Time Constraints:

Busy schedules and competing priorities can make it challenging for parents to dedicate time to researching and implementing parental control settings. They seem to prioritise other aspects of parenting or feel overwhelmed by the additional task of managing digital devices.


Some parents believe that they can effectively monitor and regulate their child’s device usage without the need for parental control tools. However, this confidence may overlook the potential risks and challenges associated with children’s online activities.

😠Resistance from Children:

Children may resist parental controls, viewing them as restrictive or intrusive. They may attempt to bypass or disable controls, undermining their effectiveness and leading to conflicts between parents and children.

💻Technological Gap:

Parents who are less familiar or comfortable with technology may struggle to understand and implement parental control features effectively. This technological gap can hinder their ability to leverage these tools to protect their children online.

It strikes me that it’s a combination of factors such as awareness, complexity, trust, time constraints, and resistance from children may be contributing to why more parents do not use parental controls.

🤗 Putting in parental controls adds another layer of protection around your kids & why not use them as an opportunity to open up communication, and encourage a balance between supervision and trust between you all?

You wouldn’t just take your kids to the park & leave them to play unsupervised for hours would you so why give them a smartphone & leave them to it?

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