Before Giving Your Kids A Smartphone Ask Yourself These Questions

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Giving a child a smartphone without guidance is like giving them the keys to a 4×4 without teaching them how to drive – it can lead to terrible accidents and enormous dangers on their digital journey‼️

97% of 12 year olds now have access to a smartphone and 45% are online ”almost constantly”

So the task for parents is to move from a mindset of ”protect” to one of ”prepare”

Through research we’ve learned that relevant, regular, consistent conversation, adds an extra layer of protection around your kids online and taking the time to understand (not just monitor) the ways your kids use new apps, is the best way to equip them for digital life.

Here are some questions to ponder:

📲 Is my child mature enough to handle the responsibility of having a smartphone?

📲 Have we discussed and established clear rules and boundaries around smartphone usage?

📲 Am I prepared to actively monitor and supervise my child’s online activities?

📲 Have I educated my child about the potential dangers and risks associated with smartphone use?

📲 Do I have the necessary tools and resources to implement parental controls and restrictions on the smartphone?

📲 Is my child emotionally ready to navigate social interactions and digital communication platforms?

📲 Am I willing to have open and ongoing conversations with my child about their experiences and challenges with the smartphone?

📲 Have I considered alternative options or compromises, such as a basic phone with limited capabilities, before giving them a smartphone?

📲 Do I have a plan in place for managing screen time and ensuring that my child maintains a healthy balance between online and offline activities?

📲 Am I ready to lead by example and demonstrate responsible smartphone use to my child?

It’s hard resisting ‘Pester Power’ around giving in to giving your child a smartphone because ‘everyone else has one’ but our job is to be our child’s parent – not their friend! We know the dangers as well as the benefits to having a smartphone.

So don’t give in too early or too easily.

Delay #TeensOnScreens until 14

Delay Social Media until 16

Nurture your screen free relationships – have fun, connect, chat & prepare your child for this important milestone in their life.

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