Are you ‘failing’ as a parent if you don’t track your kids ? 📍🤳Here’s The Pros and Cons of Child Tracking Apps

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Tracking children on apps can be a controversial topic with both pros and cons.

Are you ‘failing’ as a parent if you don’t track your kids ? 📍🤳

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Here’s a breakdown of some of the advantages and disadvantages:


Safety and Security:

Tracking apps can provide parents with a sense of security by allowing them to monitor their child’s location in real-time, especially in emergency situations.

  • Peace of Mind:

Parents can have peace of mind knowing where their child is, whether they are at school, a friend’s house, or any other location.

  • Geofencing:

Some apps allow parents to set up geofences, triggering alerts when a child enters or leaves a designated area. This can be useful for ensuring children’s safety and keeping them away from potential danger zones.

  • Emergency Response:

In case of an emergency, tracking apps can help parents quickly locate their child and provide assistance.

  • Communication:

Some tracking apps offer communication features like messaging or calling, allowing parents and children to stay in touch when needed.

  • Accountability:

For older children and teenagers, tracking apps can promote responsibility by making them aware that their location is known to their parents.


  • Privacy Concerns:

Tracking apps may infringe on a child’s privacy and independence, causing them to feel constantly monitored and controlled.

  • Trust Issues:

Excessive monitoring can erode trust between parents and children, making them feel like they are not trusted to make responsible decisions.

  • Psychological Impact:

Children might feel anxious or stressed knowing that their parents are constantly watching their movements, leading to psychological distress.

  • Misuse:

Tracking apps can be misused by parents to engage in helicopter parenting, limiting a child’s ability to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  • Potential for Manipulation:

Over-reliance on tracking apps can hinder a child’s ability to learn self-sufficiency and problem-solving, as they might turn to parents for every decision.

  • Security Risks:

While tracking apps promise security, they can also make children vulnerable to hacking and cyber threats if not properly secured.

  • Negative Impact on Relationships:

Children might rebel against excessive tracking, straining the parent-child relationship and causing emotional distance.

When considering using tracking apps for children, it’s crucial to strike a balance between safety and respecting their autonomy.

Open communication and setting clear expectations are key to finding a solution that works for both parents and children

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