The Sue Atkins Gift Guide – 7 Great Parenting Christmas Gift Ideas

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Looking for the perfect present 

but not sure what’s best?

7 Great Parenting Christmas Gift Ideas

Every item in this guide is personally chosen by Sue to develop confidence, creativity, self esteem & independence.

Let the Sue Atkins Gift Guide take the stress out of choosing the perfect gift for your child whether they are babies, toddlers, children, have special needs or are teens. Sue’s Gift Guide makes shopping for presents simple, quick and easy so you can relax knowing that all of the recommendations are independently tested and reviewed.

For gifts that keep on giving explore:

Gifts for Babies

The See-Saw Counter

Playing with toys from a very early age brings babies comfort, familiarity, and security.  Baby toys help to develop  your baby’s senses of touch, smell, hearing and sight. 

Babies explore the world by putting things in their mouth as a way of exploring what they have in their hands. 

This then turns into recognition, understanding and confidence. 

It also develops fine & gross motor skills of gripping, crawling and reaching.

This toy introduces your baby to the 4 colourful bead characters on this traditional wooden balancing toy & your baby will love exploring, sorting, stacking and counting the chunky beads onto the four pegs.

Lots of fun for little hands to explore.


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Gifts for Toddlers

My First ‘Look & Find’ Floor Puzzles

This is a fun and colourful introduction to interactive puzzles, perfect for little hands.

The puzzles feature images of a green steam train, a red double-decker bus, an orange tractor and a little yellow car, shown within brightly coloured background scenes.

Each puzzle has been carefully designed to ensure your child gets plenty of visual clues to help them assemble the pieces, helping to build their confidence and encouraging them to move onto larger pieces.


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Gifts for Children 6+

Giant Science Lab

A bumper Science kit to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking

Encourage your child to explore the wonders of science & discover more about the world around us. Winner of the Best PreSchool STEM range for 2019, these exciting kits for young scientists aged up to 8 years all include a full colour lab book with fun experiments to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking whilst having fun!


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Gifts for Children 7-13

Animation Studio

HUE Animation Studio contains everything that a budding animator needs to create their own motion animation films: a colourful HUE HD camera, a 60-page book full of tips, and stop motion software specifically designed for educational use. Great for use at home or for school projects, HUE Animation Studio is a creative and educational hobby that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


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The Can Do Kid’s Journal: Discover Your Confidence Superpower! by Sue Atkins

The Can Do Kid’s Journal: Discover your Confidence Superpower is bursting with tried-and-tested activities that will empower children aged 7-11 with skills they need in this time of turbulence, change & uncertainty.

This fun filled illustrated journal is perfect for developing resilience, confidence and a growth mindset. It offers kids a multitude of engaging guided activities to help them make lots of small changes that will make a BIG difference in their day-to-day lives.

In this illustrated journal, children discover:

how to believe in themselves

how to face challenges with confidence

how to learn to bounce back after setbacks


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Gifts for Teens


Say goodbye to shrugs and grunts. Say hello to top-quality family time.

The Dark Imp helps parents to bring families closer together, through a compelling mix of family board games, card games and puzzles.

Conversations start with a board game.

Cracker Games

Six family games in a giant twist-end cracker. Gorgeous, high quality components and completely plastic-free. Reusable, zero-waste and highly innovative. A perfect addition to your Christmas table.

The games are quick and light. They are designed to be played at Christmas and are easy to fit around the turkey and trimmings. With the rules to each game on a single sheet, you’ll be playing in just a few minutes.

The cracker box contains a set of cards, six cardboard screens, six paper rule sheets, six wooden imps and a load of wooden components in a fabric bag.

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Gifts for Children With Special Needs

Award-Winning Special Education Apps

Educational apps specially designed to support children with special educational needs, including autism and Down syndrome.

Helping children with special educational needs to reach their full potential

Developed in collaboration with parents, teachers and speech and language specialists, these apps enable errorless learning, in small steps, without distractions.

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Have fun, learn lots & enjoy the adventure! 

Once you decide on your purchases, click on an item to complete the transaction on the Amazon website, which handles payment and delivery. Sue gets a small commission, which helps cover the cost of  her free newsletter & podcast, but you won’t pay any more than if you had gone directly to Amazon.

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