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It’s fast approaching Christmas – the season of high hint dropping or even downright whining as the adverts crank up & work their marketing magic on your already stretched purses strings.

On a serious note we are still in the tight grip of a cost of living crisis & it’s incredibly stressful & worrying around making sure our families receive lovely gifts but kids understand that they are within our budgets.

Firstly there’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about if you can’t afford some of those trending presents that ‘all the other kids’ are taking about.

Here are some ideas that I hope you find helpful.

🎈Encourage Experiences Over Possessions:

Emphasise the value of experiences, such as travel, learning opportunities, and quality time with family and friends, over the accumulation of material possessions.

🎈Teach Gratitude:

Foster a sense of gratitude by regularly expressing thanks for what your family has, encouraging your kids to acknowledge and appreciate the non-material aspects of their lives.

🎈Lead by Example:

Demonstrate a balanced and mindful approach to consumption in your own life. Children learn from observing, listening & watching you, so modelling a less materialistic lifestyle can be influential & make a big difference. Remember to ‘Talk & Walk’ your Values

🎈Discuss Media Literacy:

Equip your kids with the skills to critically analyse advertisements and media messages. Help them understand that marketing often aims to create desires rather than fulfilling genuine needs.

🎈Set Financial Boundaries:

Establish clear guidelines for spending and budgeting. Involving your children in discussions about financial decisions can promote responsible money management and help them to learn to curb impulsive materialistic tendencies. Teach them a life skill that will serve them throughout their life.

Teach them the difference between wants & needs

🎈Promote Generosity:

Encourage acts of kindness & generosity, teaching your children the joy that comes from giving to others. Engaging in charitable activities can help shift focus away from material desires.

🎈Value Quality Over Quantity:

Teach your kids to appreciate the quality of items rather than the quantity. Emphasise the importance of thoughtful, lasting purchases over impulsive buying.

🎈Limit Screen Time:

Excessive exposure to advertisements, especially through screens, can contribute to  being exposed to too much materialism. Set reasonable limits on screen time to reduce the influence of consumer-focused messaging.

🎈Cultivate Hobbies and Passions:

Support your children in discovering & pursuing hobbies that fulfill them emotionally & intellectually. Engaging in meaningful activities can reduce the desire for constant material acquisition.

🎈Encourage Saving:

Teach the importance of saving for meaningful goals. By setting savings targets, your kids can learn delayed gratification and prioritise what truly matters to them.

Remember, the goal is not to eliminate all material longings &  desires but to foster a balanced perspective that values experiences, relationships, and personal growth over the constant pursuit of material possessions that can be relentless & exhausting.

How do you handle it? 

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