Navigating the Storm: Strategies to Tackle an Angry World”

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Of course if you live long enough you have ups & downs, challenges, obstacles, hurdles & roadblocks.

I’m a glass half full type of person naturally but I find myself struggling to handle the News, the war, the cost of living crisis, the last few years of an incompetent, uncaring government, while I’m still making sense & processing having lived through a pandemic. My wellbeing & my sense of optimism & hope for the future takes a regular hit & I find that worrying.

So I started to ‘pause to ponder’ how to handle an angry & polarised world.

Here are my thoughts that have started to help me – that I hope you find helpful too :💭

💞 Practice empathy: Try to understand the underlying reasons for people’s anger and show compassion.

💞 Maintain your own composure: Stay calm and composed to prevent escalating situations.

💞 Communicate effectively: Use active listening and assertive communication to express your thoughts and feelings.

💞 Set boundaries: Establish healthy boundaries to protect your well-being and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

💞 Seek common ground: Find common interests or values to build bridges with others.

💞 Self-care: Take care of your physical and emotional health through exercise, meditation, and relaxation techniques.

💞 Avoid unnecessary conflicts: Choose your battles wisely and don’t engage in arguments that won’t lead to productive outcomes.

💞 Promote positivity: Encourage positive interactions and focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

💞 Educate yourself: Learn about different perspectives and issues that may contribute to the anger in the world.

💞 Advocate for change: If you’re passionate about a cause, engage in constructive activism to make a difference.

🤔 Remember, it’s important to address your own well-being while navigating an angry world  ❣️



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