Rebuilding Self-Confidence: Your Journey After Divorce

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Your confidence can take a big hit after a divorce or separation as I remember first hand, and building self-confidence after a divorce or separation can be challenging, but it’s certainly possible – it just takes time to recover from such a major life change.

It can take up to 18months to 2 years to feel you are back up and bouncing. 

Here are some steps to help:

  • Self-Reflection:

Take time to understand your feelings & thoughts about the divorce. Acknowledge your emotions & allow yourself to grieve if necessary.

  • Seek Support:

Reach out to friends, family, or a therapist or parenting coach  to talk about your feelings. Sharing your experiences can provide emotional support & perspective.

  • Self-Care:

Prioritise self-care activities like exercise, healthy eating & getting enough rest. Taking care of your physical health can boost your emotional well-being.

  • Set Goals:

Establish achievable goals for yourself, both short-term and long-term. These can help you regain a sense of purpose & accomplishment. Be kind & gentle on yourself.

  • Rediscover Interests:

Reconnect with hobbies &  interests that you may have set aside during your relationship. Doing things you love can boost self-esteem.

  • Challenge Negative Thoughts:

Practice positive self-talk & challenge any negative beliefs you may have about yourself. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)  can be really helpful for this I have found with my clients.

  • Self-Compassion:

Be kind & patient with yourself. Understand that healing takes time & it’s okay to have setbacks.

  • Socialise:

Rebuild your social network by spending time with supportive friends and making new connections. Socialising can help improve your self-esteem & feeling of being connected again.

  • Professional Help:

If your self-confidence struggles persist, consider seeking therapy or counselling. A mental health professional can provide guidance & support.

  • Personal Growth:

Use this time to focus on personal growth & self-improvement. I call it ‘doing the work.’ Learning new skills or expanding your education can all help boost your confidence.

Remember that healing and regaining self-confidence is a process that varies for each person. Be patient with yourself and celebrate small victories along the way.

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