Is the Barbie Movie Child Friendly?

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PARENTING coach Sue Atkins has spoken exclusively to The U.S. Sun ahead of the Barbie movie release to discuss the doll’s impact on children. Click here 

Here’s A Parents’ Guide to Barbie Movie

With all the hype around Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, releasing in cinemas on Friday (21 July), parents might be wondering whether it’s a safe selection for a family movie night.

Here are some things you may find helpful in determining whether it’s suitable for your family.

The thing is, though, Warner Bros. and Mattel did not actually create this movie, which opens July 21, for their tiniest fans.

Whenever I am unsure about a book, film, or show for  kids, I always recommend the review on Common Sense Media, an organisation that pre-screens and rates content for kids.

They have an early preview of the movie up right now, and will release the full review once the movie drops on July 21.

Common Sense Media’s executive editor Danny Brogan says the film has received its PG-13 rating due to “suggestive references and brief language,” and gave a few examples without spoiling the whole film.

For parents who do choose to take their kids of any age, to the film I suggest using the film for talking points before and after seeing the film.

There are also a lot of discussion points about beauty standards, aging and even mortality.

Talk to Your Kids About …

  • Families can talk about Barbie’s message: that society has sexist, contradictory, unattainable expectations for women. Do you agree? What are your thoughts about what it means to be a girl and a woman?


  • Discuss the way that patriarchy and feminism are explored or explained in the film. Does Barbieland treat Kens the way women are treated in the human world? Why is Ken so delighted to return to Barbieland?


  • Although the film is about a children’s doll, it’s not really aimed at young kids, with its mature themes and humour. Do you think a film  inspired by/about toys needs to be appropriate for little kids?


  • Talk about the relationship between human mum Gloria and her middle-school-age daughter, Sasha. What changes about their connection once they meet Barbie?



This movie isn’t like the many animated Barbie movies, and its sophisticated themes may land better with teens and adults than tweens and kids.

But the contrast between the movie’s serious societal commentary and the trippy, nostalgic comedy manages not to feel off-putting or off balance.

Here’s a rave review from the Independent

Barbie review: A near-miraculous achievement from Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie

Though it isn’t surprising Greta Gerwig wanted to make this project for a wide range of age groups (Barbie is a multi-generational icon, after all), the actress portraying the film’s titular character still wants young audiences to see it and hopes it will serve as a positive influence in their lives.

‘’I think it’s a great opportunity to put some positivity out in the world and a chance to be aspirational for younger kids,” Robbie told Variety in an interview.

So, even though some of the jokes may be slightly inappropriate for certain age groups, the overall intention of the movie is to be enjoyed by the masses.

There’s a reason it’s a PG-13 rating because a Barbie movie does sound like it should be meant for a young audience. Not to mention, the marketing for this movie has been colossal — easily making it one of the most talked-about films of the year.

Ultimately, as your child’s parent, you simply have to decide what makes you the most comfortable.


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