Diverse Children’s Books featuring LGBTQIA Characters

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Celebrating LGBTQIA parents is important because it acknowledges and affirms the rights and experiences of LGBTQIA people to create loving families and raise children.

It recognises & celebrates that LGBTQIA parents are just as capable of providing a safe, nurturing, and loving home for their children as their heterosexual counterparts.

By celebrating LGBTQIA parents, we can promote inclusivity and acceptance of diverse family structures, and break down stereotypes and discrimination against LGBTQIA individuals and families.

We can also create a more supportive and affirming environment for LGBTQIA children and young people, who may face bullying and rejection because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Celebrating LGBTQIA parents can help to promote positive mental health outcomes for LGBTQIA families. It can help to reduce the stigma and social isolation that many LGBTQIA parents experience, and provide them with a sense of belonging and validation.

Celebrating LGBTQIA  parents can have a positive impact on public policy and advocacy. It can help to raise awareness of the unique challenges and barriers that LGBTQIA parents may face, and advocate for policies and programmes that support their needs and rights.

Celebrating LGBTQIA parents is essential for creating a more equitable and inclusive society, where all families are recognised, respected, and supported.

June is Pride Month – a time when LGBTQIA communities all over the world celebrate love, identity and solidarity!

So it’s good time to put together this list of multicultural children’s books featuring LGBTQIA characters but I think these gorgeous and inclusive books are of course relevant all year round!

Explore the wonderful books from Colour of Us 


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