Try The CRISPS Approach to Your Parenting !

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Being a positive parent isn’t any harder than being a negative parent!

It just takes a quick shift in your thinking and attitude.

Here’s the CRISPS way to becoming a more positive parent.


Consistency: children thrive with firm, fair, consistent discipline. No empty threats!

Rewards: Positive parenting uses rewards to reinforce the behaviours you want to see from your child, rather than punishing them for something they did wrong. So any ING activity like playing, reading, listening, talking, exploring, eating together builds connection. Children spell love T-I-M-E. It’s not all about stickers & bribes!

Interest: Positive parents show an interest in what their child says, does, thinks and feels. It builds self esteem & connection.

Structure: Most children thrive on routine. They love to know ‘what’s next.’ It builds certainty, stability & helps them relax.

Positivity: Being positive doesn’t mean never saying no to your child. But it does mean being consciously kind, patient & focusing on what your kids CAN do rather than what they can’t!

Specific: Children blossom, bloom & thrive when you respond rather than react & praise them specifically – not just with general ‘well done’s’

Get in touch if you’d like to work with me on implementing the CRISPS approach into your family life.

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