Going Through Divorce or Separation? Make the #ParentsPromise

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Parents Promise

Every year, an estimated 280,000 children, a similar number to the size of the population of Newcastle, experience family separation.

It’s one of the greatest, least-recognised health risks to our children.

The Positive Parenting Alliance is a group of organisations, and individuals, who believe that all children deserve the most positive experience possible during parental separation or divorce.

Their aim is to create a genuinely child-focussed society and better systems to ensure the long-term wellbeing of children when parents separate.

For children, whilst separation will bring inevitable feelings of loss and change, they can still thrive if their parents work in partnership to create the right conditions.

We know that children are more likely to adapt with fewer problems, and less emotional distress, when parents are able to part with compassion and continue to work together in partnership even when they are not together.

Every child has a need to be loved by both their parents and their wider families, the right not to have to choose one parent over the other and to be shielded from conflict and adult conversations.

They have the right to have both parents working together to create the conditions for them to blossom, bloom, succeed & thrive.

They have the right to be a child & not stuck in the middle of a game they don’t understand.

Follow Parents Promise & James Hayhurst & pass this forward to friends, family & to people in HR in your organisation.

In the spirit of one of my favourite quotes:

‘Alone we can do so little together we can do so much’ ~ Helen Keller

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