‘Talking & Teaching’ Toddlers about Nature Starts With Us.

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‘’When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir

‘Talking & Teaching’ Toddlers about Nature starts with us.

Here’s some simple ideas to help:

? Nature is what we see and feel around us.

?Nature provides us the air to breathe, the water to drink, the soil to grow food.

?Nature gives us fruits, vegetables, and grains to eat.

? Introducing the outdoors to children helps them develop an appreciation for the natural world around them, and it helps develop an understanding of its importance and why it needs to be respected and cared for.

? Start by simply opening the door and exploring together. While you’ve had many years to explore the outdoors, this will be their first experience. See it through their eyes and take it slowly.

?Introduce the idea of being outside with a play tent or a fort you build together. Enjoy exploring the fresh air.

?Go on a bug hunt or mini beast hunt. Respecting & being gentle with insects will be the beginning of respecting  nature throughout life.

? Make those outdoor experiences, like walking, camping, or hikes extra fun. Play games, make outings interesting and use these opportunities to introduce them to new things.

? Introduce your child to the names of different birds, bugs, trees, stones, plants, and more to get your little ones excited about what they are seeing and finding.

?Grow a small garden together. Teach them through doing, and work on the project together. Letting them have something to work towards and to be proud of can grow their interest.

?Plant sunflower seeds & watch them grow ?

?Start sooner rather than later. The earlier you introduce them to being outside, the more they will have an interest in being apart of it.

Children inclined to spend more time outdoors tend to be more physically fit and have a better quality of life overall.

They tend to get sick less often and choose to participate in actives and a lifestyle that is positive and happy.

It helps keep stress and anxiety down, leaving youngsters to feel free and refreshed.

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