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I’m delighted to be collaborating with Lioness Captain, Leah Williamson, Disney Princess & Educational Charity, The Female Lead on the ‘Ultimate Princess Celebration: Time to Shine’ initiative.

• The Female Lead welcomes Leah Williamson, teenage YouTubers – the Mbawa sisters – and Disney Princesses to its line-up of inspirational females

• The inductions come as new research shows 72 per cent of children are worried about starting school

Princess Pep Talks aimed at kids aged 3-6, co-created by Disney, The Female Lead & Sue Atkins helps to tackle children’s confidence issues are available here

• Leah Williamson, Emma Watson and Emma Raducanu were voted the most inspirational confidence role models for kids.

Parenting Expert, Sue Atkins, who helped co-develop the programme said: “It’s clear that children are experiencing a crisis in confidence, and our ambition is to help navigate this in those at the start of the early years of education, offering the tools needed to tackle the issue from the get-go. Given children are inspired by trusted role models and stories of kindness and bravery, I hope this campaign will help them as they enter what can be an overwhelming stage of life.”

Together Disney Princess and global educational charity, The Female Lead, have created a series of rousing pep talk videos and self-affirmation mantras on Disney Junior YouTube and @DisneyFamilyUK featuring the stories of Disney’s trusted Princess characters.

In September, the initiative will see new Disney Princess inspired educational resources launch in schools across the UK.

Leah Williamson said: “Early years at school are exciting. I remember it as a time where I really started to recognise my love for football and how much I loved to play. Having the confidence to pursue endeavours are at the heart of all Disney Princess stories – so what better way to inspire children than through practising self-belief and perseverance, they can be anything they want to be!”

The Princess Pep Talks available on Disney Junior YouTube showcase stories featuring inspiring qualities like Tiana’s perseverance and Rapunzel’s bravery told by real life young role models YouTubers, authors and kid-trepreneurs Kirsten (14) and Aiyven (13) Mbawa from Northampton.

Edwina Dunn, Founder of The Female Lead, said: “We’re thrilled to be welcoming Leah, Kirsten and Aiyven into our cohort of inspiring women. Teaming up with Disney Princess has allowed us to extend our efforts to lift others up in the pre-school and early years space – and we cannot wait to see the response.”

To watch the new Princess Pep Talks, visit Disney Junior YouTube and to view the Disney Princess self-affirmation mantras head to @DisneyFamilyUK

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