Should I let my baby cry itself to sleep?

  I receive many questions for my The Sue Atkins Parenting Show Podcast about babies & sleep: Is letting your baby cry itself to sleep at night cruel and unnatural or no big deal? What is best for your baby: crying itself to sleep, controlled crying or being soothed on demand? I find almost nothing […]

#TipsandScripts: Praise Makes Kids Feel Precious

#ScriptsandTips Praise can boost good feelings and increase motivation. It can inspire your children to be more cooperative, persistent, and hard-working. Praise nurtures your child’s self esteem & self confidence. So give your kids a gift today & look for ways to praise them.

#TipsandScripts: Change ‘If’ to ‘When’ & Transform Your Home Harmony!

#TipsandScripts One really simple tip I use with lots of parents I coach is to change ‘If….’ to ‘When….’ So instead of saying: ‘If you brush yourself teeth you can have story’ Say: ‘When you’ve brushed your teeth you can choose a story’ Voila! Simple, quick & easy – works like magic  every time! Just for […]

Oh please help me!!! I am a walking zombie with NO sleep !

Today I was delighted to appear on the ITV This Morning Show answering questions from a number of families around sleep. Here is a typical question from a lovely Mum I met today – hope my answer helps you too .  “Oh pleeeeeeasssee help me!!! Our son is 18 months old and still does not fall asleep […]