Are your children’s sleep habits driving you to the point of madness and exhaustion?

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Do your children wake you up multiple times in the night?

Do you lay down with your kids in their bed until they finally fall asleep?

Have your children’s sleep habits driven you to the point of madness and exhaustion?

Have no fear – help is at hand!

I teach the parents I coach to use my 5 Step Solution, as it is such a positive and easy way to get your children into simple structures, regular habits and consistent bedtime routines.

My 5 Step Solution is a great way to personalise your child’s bedtime routine without giving away any of your power!

My 5 Step Solution helps you to create simple ways to slow things down around bedtime whatever your child’s age from – creating a regular bath time, putting away all screens and technology, to reading a bedtime story with a milky drink with perhaps soothing music to help everyone relax as you all slow down and unwind.

My 5 Step Solution is a lovely way for your child to have a voice in how they feel supported and makes the routine really personal to them

For example some children have told their Mums that they like help brushing their teeth, some kids have said that they need about 40 minutes to unwind and come off their computer before going to bed, some have said that they like putting on the PJ’s in the bathroom after their bath not in their bedroom where they get easily distracted by their younger brother , some kids have said that they like to put their own Relax Kids CD on by themselves without any help, some like the Hall light on an the door ajar to help them sleep, some have said they like to go to bed 30 minutes later than their younger sister so that they have some 1-2-1 time with Daddy and feel more “grown up”

It’s the 3rd section of my 5 Step Solution that brings out all the special, personal & unique details for each child & that nurtures their self esteem while also creating a routine that fits in easily with their preferences while taking nothing away from your routines and boundaries and rules.

So if you’d like to learn more about my wonderfully simple 5 Step Solution give me a ring on 01883 818329 or email me on [email protected] to arrange a time that suits your busy schedule.


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