From Conflict To Conversation – Divorce Without Damage.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I was delighted to have been interviewed by Scott Docherty, on how my role as a coach helps families through the challenging time of divorce.

This is a series of interviews with CALM Scotland mediators and others connected with mediation. The interviews are hosted by Scott C. Docherty, an accredited lawyer mediator who practises in Dumbarton and Helensburgh with McArthur Stanton.

In this interview Scott Docherty talks with  me about parenting apart and talking to your kids after separation.


I give my down-to-earth, common sense advice and I hope it will strike right at the heart of what you may be going through right now in your separation, coming as it does from my deep well of experience and training.

The important point I ask you to think carefully about is that your best chance of getting through everything in a time of stress and turmoil, including working out how to communicate with your children and your ex-partner or spouse, is to start looking after yourself.

Although the advice and the shoulder to cry on provided by family and friends can be vital, I ask you to think about some coaching even if that’s online – and shake off that image you might have that it’s only celebrities who instruct life coaches, because getting emotional and practical help from a professional who knows what you’re going through and can look more objectively at how you can pull through it, could very well leave you with the peace you’ve been striving for.

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