Baby books that boost your child’s brain & teach them to love reading.

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Here are a selection of  baby books that boost your child’s brain & teach them to love reading.

With every page you turn, you’re stimulating your baby’s cognitive development and helping to establish a love of reading that will last long past their baby & toddler years.

Baby books stimulate your child’s brain, bond & connect you & help your little one to develop a love of reading.

Newborn (0-3 months) love high-contrast books ?

If you want to stimulate your newborn’s senses, look for  high contrast books.

Research has shown that high-contrast colours like black and white register most strongly in your baby’s brain and help their optic nerves to grow.

So read your newborn books featuring high-contrast images and graphics. My son loved black & white board books as a baby.

You don’t need to read every word or comment on every picture – it’s about making books part of your daily routine and enjoying bonding, connecting & reading together.

These great books use high-contrast images to provide visual stimulation as babies begin to make visual connections with the world around them.

These wordless picture books for the youngest of readers are sure to capture the interest and attention of babies everywhere ?

The use of black and white shapes with bold colours creates stimulating patterns that babies love.

They’re sturdy board books with rounded corners.

Reading is such a wonderful way to bond with your baby as well as creating a lifetime of loving books & stories.


Infant (4-6 months): a tactile book

Of course, your baby can’t turn the pages yet but they love learning through touching everything around them.

So capitalise on their love of touch by encouraging  & sharing tactile books that let your baby shake, grab and stroke the books like Old Macdonald: A Hand-Puppet Board Book from Little Scholastic.

Kick-start their learning and feed their imaginations with these interactive, richly-textured books, featuring colourful animals, expressive faces, noisy vehicles and lots of opportunities to play.

With a focus on sensory development, they are designed for you to read and enjoy with your child – perfect for introducing them to the magical world of books.

Here’s a great selection of the best baby touch and feel books

Buy sturdy books made of vinyl or cloth that will stand up to a few chews! Then switch to board books around 6 months to encourage little fingers to start turning pages.

Your 6- to 12-month-old: a rhyming book

As your baby grows it’s great to introduce rhyme time.

Rhyming books create a nurturing environment for little ones by using simple patterns they can learn to predict (which is a vital part of creating a lifelong love of reading). Plus, they help babies learn how vowels and consonants sound and how they come together to form words.

Rhymes also help children to easily memorise and recall content from beloved books by establishing patterns and sequences, increasing their impact on your child’s cognitive development.

I’m so passionate about the importance of Rhyme Time I’ve volunteered to do a 30 minute session for babies & toddlers in my local library every week!


Explore books like   Hush Little Polar Bear and other classic rhyming books like Go, Dog Go!

Here’s a fabulous selection of rhyming books to explore

Thanks to Motherly

According  to the Children’s Reading Foundation, the simple act of reading with your child for at least 20 minutes each day may be one of the most important things you can do to promote social & emotional development as well as important pre-literacy skills.

From the moment a child is born, every day matters to ensure they develop the literacy and learning skills required for success in school and life.

Curl up & cuddle & enjoy giving your baby the gift of   books ?



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