What If There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Your Toddler Throwing A Tantrum?

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Toddlers are brilliant. Aren’t they?

They live in the present moment.

But, perhaps they’re also the most misunderstood humans on the planet.

Perhaps as parents, we have forgotten what it’s like to be a toddler. To be small and dependent. To be constantly learning. To feel only one strong emotion at a time, yet not have the tools to regulate that emotion.

Toddlers are experiencing rapid brain development. There is a staggering amount of change, across all areas of development, between when a baby is born and when that same child turns 3.

The development of the brain is influenced by many factors, including a child’s relationships, experiences and environment.

Our culture chooses to see toddlers ‘throwing’ tantrums as a problem

Pushing our buttons. Testing our limits. Acting clingy, uncivilised and impolite. Having meltdowns, being irrational & behaving badly.

This perspective can make us feel as though we’ve lost control. As if we’re ‘bad’ parents. As if we’re failing.

And so, we’re encouraged to control our toddler to leverage our size and power. To dominate them instead of support them. 

Our parents style of parenting probably focused on modifying the superficially ‘naughty’ behaviour and they used tactics like punishments, time-outs, threats, bribes and rewards rather than understanding that a small child often feels stressed & overwhelmed by their ‘big emotions’ & often afraid.

Toddlers haven’t been alive long.

They don’t have the language or vocabulary to express themselves eloquently.

But, what if, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with our children?

Nothing to be fixed.

What if the problem is a lack of knowledge, understanding, and empathy due to their immaturity?

And what if these techniques of controlling & punishing make things worse as they threaten to erode the ONLY influence you truly have with your child – your relationship & their trust in you to protect them, kept them safe & teach them.

I have written a comprehensive 24 week Toddler eCourse to give you all sorts of practical help to nurture & understand your wonderful toddler based on the latest science – that nurtures  your relationship & develops a strong bond between you as you develop your confidence.


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