The Sue Atkins Parent Question

  Just for this week pop this question up on your fridge to ponder – you might just be surprised by your answer ! What would I do if  I couldn’t fail?

It’s time to ditch the new-mum guilt.

            My interview with Gurgle Hey, New Mum, meet Guilt. Guilt will be moving in for a while (well, indefinitely), and you two will be well acquainted in no time. Rather like your newborn, (seriously, if you don’t decide on a name soon, this child will start thinking it is […]

Taming Those Toddler Tantrums – Practical Tips To Help

            When people tell you that becoming a parent is a life changing experience, they’re certainly not kidding! So when they go on to tell you about preparing yourself for those infamous and dreaded “terrible twos”, you really would be wise to seriously sit up and take note! It really […]

Getting Your Toddler To Share.

Sharing I have been trying to get my toddler to share his toys. Now, when he sees another child he will automatically handover to that child the toy he is playing with even if the other child has not asked for it /is not interested. I am not sure this is good either as I don’t want […]