NO MORE BEDTIME BATTLES ! Why a Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the answer to your child’s sleep problems!

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I was given a wonderful present from my daughter at Christmas as I LOVE  listening to my favourite tunes when I’m cooking in my kitchen, relaxing in the bath with scented candles or bopping around the BBQ in the garden surrounded by my favourite Spotify playlist.

She gave me a Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

It transformed my musical experience.

Today I was coaching a lovely Mum who was having trouble settling her lively 8 year old at bedtime.

It was becoming a dreaded time in their house – with excuses for drinks of water, just one more story to a full blown tantrum about settling down to sleep.

I talked about meditation guided stories and stories that kids can listen to after you’ve finished your bathtime, bedtime routine that helps settle kids quickly and easily so they can fall asleep on their own or ‘self soothe.’

When I was a Parenting Consultant working on ‘Autonomy & Independence in children’ in Paris for Danone, they suggested bedtime stories on their iPad or iPhone app. I said ‘Nooooooo’ the blue light keeps kids awake as it disrupts the production of melatonin, a substance that makes you feel sleepy. …

There’s an increasing amount of evidence about the link between sleeplessness (and other disorders) and blue light.

My idea

My kids used to listen to stories on their ‘vintage’ tape recorder-no blue light there!

I suddenly got a flash of inspiration as I saw Molly’s Christmas present.

Mums & Dads can upload lovely guided stories or meditations from Lori Lite’s Stress Free Kids website to play on their phone downstairs while they control the music/ stories on their Portable Bluetooth Speaker  in their child’s bedroom free from the blue light:)

So, there you go a simple tip to help the Bedtime Battles in your house!

Follow up in the morning by letting your kids press their ‘Easy Peasy – Lemon Squeezy Button’ to reinforce the positive behaviour.



Sue’s Alternative to the ‘Naughty Step’

The ‘Easy Peasy – Lemon Squeezy Button’ allows you to record and playback 40 seconds of yourself saying ‘That was Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’ via the built-in microphone and speaker – to motivate & encourage your child to brush their teeth, do their homework, tidy away their toys! You get the idea!

It also includes a removable sticker that reinforces the message ‘That was Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’ to to match your recording.

The large size and robust button is ideal for children of all ages from 3 years+.

This is a really simple, quick, positive and easy way of getting your children to do all the things they need to do.

No more ‘Naughty Step’ just lots of positive, tactile, active psychology that encourages your child using multi-sensory engaged learning.

Buy your Easy Peasy – Lemon Squeezy Button HERE

Drop me an email or leave a comment on the blog about any questions you might have or any success stories.

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