Are YOUR Kids The Answer To This Global Problem?

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Last Friday I joined the wonderfully inspiring Sian Sutherland from A Plastic Planet at Fox School’s Friday Assembly.

Fox is the first school to pledge to go plastic free & they have signed up to be Plastic Pioneers.

We’ve all seen the devastating Blue Planet II footage of the inconsolable Blue Whale carrying her dead baby calf around for days due to her milk being contaminated by microplastics that she had ingested. Heart breaking and said more than words every could.

I am an Ambassador for A Plastic Planet along with Ben Fogle. It’s a grass roots organisation with a single aim to create a Plastic Free Aisle in supermarkets & we went into Fox Primary School to show the children the damage plastic is doing to our oceans and to our world.

The school has decided to ban plastic water bottles in school as there are lots of water fountains and to allow metal reusable ones. They also got their staff to commit to banning teachers from using coffee cups with plastic lids!

The children were asked to collect and bring into school their plastic from home that they have consumed for that week and they are going to create a plastic mountain to visually show everyone just how much we use plastic unnecessarily.

Change can happen quickly & quoting a famous supermarket ‘Every Little Helps’ and children are our future.

Plastic is a fantastic material but unfortunately is doesn’t disintegrate ever – it can last over 100 years so that coffee cup lid, that plastic throw away bottle of water or that plastic spoon or fork for lunch can have a massive impact on the world as a whole.

I first met Sian at Sky News as we were talking about Tops Nurseries banning glitter and I thought (as a former Deputy Head teacher) what ‘bah humbug’ at Christmas to ban glitter but then I discovered that traditional glitter is made up of micro plastics that eventually end up in the sea and the that links me back to the Blue Whale ingesting it for food & passing it on in her contaminated milk to her calf.

It’s of course only a matter of time that we ingest contaminated fish.

So, if you would like to find out more about A Plastic Planet & would like us to come to your school to do a simple, quick and non-preachy Assembly contact

Click on the link to also learn more about Sky Ocean Rescue



A Plastic Planet


Will you become a Plastic Pioneer?



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