I’m proud to support Sleep Week & the launch of the fantastic ‘Sleep Manifesto’

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I was really delighted to attend the launch of  ‘The Children and Young People’s Sleep Manifesto’ at  Westminster on Tuesday 24th October.

This week is Sleep Week, and The Children’s Sleep Charity are drawing attention to the lack of support given to parents to help children and young adults get the sleep they need.

Supporting sleep

I’m a big supporter of their Sleep Manifesto and I love the work the charity does. Lack of sleep, sleep deprivation and anxiety around bedtimes can be really stressful for the WHOLE family.

Relationships suffer, bonding with children who can’t sleep suffers, the wellbeing of the whole family suffers and Mums suffer tremendous guilt if they have children who can’t sleep.

The charity also works with parents of children with Special Needs such as ADHD.

Sleep deprivation can have a serious impact on emotional, physical and mental health, many families seeking their support are approaching crisis point.

They offer a range of services from working directly with parents to training professionals in the NHS.

The Sleep Charity’s Work

Their work is based on the latest research and they have a team of experts who input into their training materials and courses. They believe in working in partnership with families and offer a gentle approach to making lasting changes to your child’s sleep patterns.

The manifesto outlines three key points around their campaign which are:

  • For a better national understanding of the importance of sleep
  • For quality sleep support to be available for families
  • For sleep to be recognised as a vital component of mental health.

The Sleep Manifesto has already been supported by a number of high profile organisations and individuals including Netmums, The Sleep Council and The Mental Health Foundation.  If you agree with their vision please do consider  adding your support as an individual or as an organisation.  Please contact them for details.

Vicki Dawson, CEO and Founder of The Children’s Sleep Charity says, “Sleep issues significantly impacts on the mental, physical and emotional health of children and their families.  Research shows that up to 40% of children will at some point experience a sleep issue. By ensuring that sleep support is available to those that need it we are confident that vast improvements will be seen in the nation’s health and wellbeing thus reducing pressure on public services.”

Please support their Sleep Manifesto.  Download, share their links and post your Facebook supporter badge.  You can also join their mailing list .

With your help we can all raise the profile of sleep deprivation and the need for families to have access to free quality sleep support.

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