Sue Atkins and Ditch the Label: ‘Can Parents Stop Bullying?’

Can Parents make it stop? As parents, we’re sure you’re familiar with the crippling pain and anger you feel when someone intentionally hurts or upsets your child. Its a world of mixed emotions telling you to protect your kid. The thing is, as a parent, there is only so much you can do to make […]

Cyber Bullying Some Tips To Prevent It

In keeping with this week’s theme for Anti – Bullying Week. Here is my article on Cyber Bullying to give you some ideas to keep your children safe online in this new world of instant technology This is the “Always On” generation as 74% of connected young people use instant messaging several times a week according to the […]

‘It’s not me it’s my OCD’ – ways to alleviate and reduce the symptoms.

I have been working with a family with two teenage girls displaying signs of anxiety manifesting itself in OCD symptoms. I use a mixture of Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as Emotional Freedom Techniques (‘tapping’) that you have probably seen Paul McKenna use on his many TV appearances and training, to help alleviate and reduce […]

Why you should NEVER let your child play on a phone before bed.

  I work as a Consultant to Danone in Paris and have written over 40 articles for them recently, and one piece of advice I gave them was not to add bedtime stories on ipads for parents to read last thing at night with their children. The reason is because children are more vulnerable than […]

Why is it that we go on courses from ‘Marketing to Management’ but feel embarrassed to ask for parenting help?

  As parents we don’t usually start out wanting to make mistakes. Too often though, we think that parenting should come ‘naturally’ & only rely on our ‘parenting instincts’ or fall back on the way our parents did, or didn’t do it, & we don’t try to get help with common parenting issues and problems. Unfortunately, many parents aren’t instinctively able to know […]

I’m proud to support Sleep Week & the launch of the fantastic ‘Sleep Manifesto’

I was really delighted to attend the launch of  ‘The Children and Young People’s Sleep Manifesto’ at  Westminster on Tuesday 24th October. This week is Sleep Week, and The Children’s Sleep Charity are drawing attention to the lack of support given to parents to help children and young adults get the sleep they need. Supporting sleep […]

Sue Atkins In Conversation With …… Laura Henry Founder of ‘My Family Week’

Click here to listen to the Laura Henry  – ‘My Family Week’ Interview Laura Henry is an expert international award-winning Early Childhood specialist. She is the founder of the community interest company for Early Childhood trainers and consultants, NEYTCO; vice-president of The British Association for Early Childhood Education; and national representative for the World Forum […]

SCREENAGERS? ELECTRIC BABYSITTERS? How much screen time is OK for your kids?

I was chatting to the very interesting Lembit Opik on BBC Radio Kent today about boundaries around technology. When does screentime become unhealthy – what are the guidelines and how can you ‘Talk & Teach’ your kids to find that balance between enjoying their iPad and playing outside?  Many parents believe that technology and gadgets are […]

Do you agree with Ashton Kutcher?

I was asked to discuss the decision by Ashton Kutcher & his partner Mila Kunis not to buy their two children ANY Christmas presents this year so that they don’t become spoiled on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester. What Hollywood couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have revealed they aren’t going to buy their children any Christmas […]

Meet Aristotle, The Robot Nanny That Can Raise (And Spy on) Your Child.

I remember buying a baby monitor when my son Will was born but Mattel’s new invention is being hailed as the latest evolution of the baby monitor, but it seems more like a disturbing intruder & cynical marketing & data capturing tool to me. I’m a great fan of technology – in balance, in context and […]