How to Tackle TVs in Bedrooms and How to Talk about Terrorism – again. Episode 23 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Episode 23

Tweet of The Week @worthitliving How To Talk To Your Kids About Sugar from Emelie Kamp nutritionist, author of The Sugar Story

Then check about my blog post >

Why is Sugar Bad For Me Mummy? – Simple Ways To Talk to Your Kids About Sugar.

Learn more about  Inflatable Potty a wonderful product that helps little guys and gals conquer an important developmental challenge; potty training.

Topic 1

BBC Radio Interview discussing having a TV in your kid’s bedroom – a great debate around obesity, isolation, inappropriate content and what kids should be watching.

Question Dear Sue, my daughter Celina wakes us up multiple times in the night. My husband has taken to lying down with her in her bed until she finally falls asleep. We are driven to the point of madness and exhaustion with lack of sleep. Can you suggest anything to help us? Aureli Kowalski from Warsaw in Poland

Have no fear – help is at hand!

Article The Power of The Sleep Fairy

Sue’s popular best selling ‘ Sleep Made Easy CD’ – a comprehensive guide covering how much sleep each age of child should get, why sleep is so important and ways to get them to bed , stay in their bed and sleep through the night – as well as covering night terrors and nightmares ….


Topic 2

Manchester attack – terrorism discussion about how to talk to children with LBC Nick Ferrari

Question ‘ Dear Sue, My son Mark is struggling to learn his spellings at school each week. Any ideas?’ Maud Hislop from Wigan

Article Wun wunders why foenick spelling methods arr stil tort in skools !

Sue’s Product The Magical Toolkit of Studying, Learning & Spelling Made Easy

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