Why is Sugar Bad For Me Mummy? – Simple Ways To Talk to Your Kids About Sugar.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

The Sugar Story

I read a fascinating blog post by Emelie Kamp a licensed nutritional counsellor & author of The Sugar Story about ‘How to Talk to Your Kids About Sugar.’

Emilie teaches courses about sugar, but when her five-year-old niece asked her, “Aunt Emelie, why is sugar bad for me?”, she realised that she didn’t have a simple answer for her.

That question started her on a journey as she realised that if she couldn’t explain it simply then how are parents supposed to explain it to their kids?

It’s so easy for us as parents to say “You can’t have that; it has sugar in it.” But I think there’s a better way. I believe we can empower children with the simple knowledge they need to make better choices. It’s not about denying them – it’s about educating them and ‘talking &  teaching’ them about making healthier choices. It’s also about finding balance so they don’t grow up denied as that only makes things worse in the long run.  

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