Is your child a fashion diva ?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

I  was recently interviewed by Littlewoods about the pressure families find themselves in to buy the ‘latest’ fashion item for their children.

 I believe kids get their values from you as you are their first role model – so how to talk about clothes, hairstyles and brands influences how your child talks and thinks about fashion.

Celebrities also influence kids far more than they ever did so it’s important to talk and teach your children about the power of the media and the power of adverts and TV.

Be confident about passing on your values and learn to say ‘No’ to your kids sometimes – teach them that confidence in an inside job while recognising that to a teenager having the ‘right stuff’ is important too during those years of wanting to fit in , not stand out.

Here’s my comments in todays The Daily Star

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How do you cope with all the media hype and celebrity pressure?

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