The Sue Atkins Weekly Parent Coaching Question

  How energetic do you feel today? What kinds of things can you do this week to boost your energy? ~ take a long walk with your dogs, have a steaming hot bath with candles, eat more fruit, take some different exercise, visit a friend without the kids for a grown up chat and laugh? […]

Join me here and on Facebook to tell me about your ABC of adjectives to describe your Wonderful Kids. Day 5 ~ Letter E

Let’s celebrate children everywhere – but especially YOUR wonderful kids Join me here and on Facebook  to add your ABC of adjectives about your Wonderful Kids. Day 5 ~ Letter E My child is …. enthusiastic, engaging, enchanting, energetic, exceptional, empathetic, effervescent….. Alex Smith from Playgroundology says “Entrancing, exacting and ebullient. Have an energizing day….” Miriam Bauman […]

5 secrets to breaking the parental habit of negativity

Today I am delighted to have Janis Meredith from as my guest blogger. Janis writes a youth sports blog focusing on parenting & character building. 5 secrets to breaking the parental habit of negativity “Why are you so negative?” I’m sad to say that’s a question I was asked many times by my kids as […]