The Behaviour Blogs Series ~ Part 3 The problem is not your child……

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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I think it helps to shift your perspective away from damaging your child’s self esteem to looking at the problem.

Here’s a simple way to do that – just say inside your head when you are getting stressed or wound up….

The problem is the problem – not your child.

Detach the behaviour from your child. You love your child, not their behaviour.

Work out which of the ‘Crucial ‘C’s* is missing.

Is your child not feeling connected to you?

Not feeling capable, competent or able to have some influence in some way?

Are they not feeling important or significant so are acting up to get your attention?

Are they lacking feeling courageous to try something & need reassurance?

Check out Are you using the Four Crucial ‘C’s’*? The Blueprint for Raising Happy, Confident, Resilient Children.

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