One to One Parenting Coaching

Solve Your Parenting Problems and Start Enjoying Your Kids Again

Whether you’re struggling with your child’s behaviour, need some support through a challenging time or you’re just looking to improve your parenting skills to raise happy, confident kids, Sue’s one to one parenting coaching is the perfect solution for you.

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How One To One Parenting Coaching Can Help You

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world and we all need a little help sometimes. From solving your toddler’s tantrums, ending homework panics, or taming your out-of-control tech obsessed teen, to navigating a tricky divorce, you can be sure Sue has the answer for you whatever your parenting challenges.

How It Works

With one to one parenting coaching Sue will focus solely on the challenges you and your family are facing and the goals you’d like to achieve. By getting to know you and your children personally, she will be able to advise you, support you and personally guide you through your problems, helping you to create a happy family home and confident, resilient kids.

Your one to one parenting coaching sessions with Sue can be held face to face, over the phone or on Skype. Each session is 60 minutes, focused solely on your family.

Which Coaching Option Is The Right Choice For You?

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