THE TODDLER ROADMAP SERIES: What to Do When Your Toddler Won’t Sleep or Stay in Their Own Bed


Show Notes

In this episode we will be looking at SLEEP: some simple steps for settling your toddler to sleep, what to do if they wake, and how to handle night terrors and nightmares confidently.

In this episode:

  • Does Your Child Fight Against Daily Naps? These 3 Top Tips Will Help.
  • ​Download & Discover Disney’s ‘The Gift of Play!’ Guide To Inspire You.
  • ​Toddlers need 11-14 hours of sleep every 24 hours. That’s usually 10-12 hours at night and 1-2 hours during the day.
  • ​Common toddler sleep problems include having trouble settling to sleep and not wanting to stay in bed at bedtime.
  • ​A positive bedtime routine helps toddlers get ready for sleep.