If you say that again I’ll wash your mouth out with soap!

      I’m being interviewed on BBC Radio West Midlands  today about  stories when people have actually had their mouths washed out with soap for swearing! But is it a thing of the past or an urban myth? What have you done when your kids have sworn? Drop me a comment ….. and let […]

Most toddlers know the F*** word before they know the alphabet !

    I’m discussing swearing on BBC Radio Wales as most children learn how to swear before they  even know the alphabet, according to a new book that examines bad language and  its origins out today. English speakers also use a swear word on  average once in every 140 words, roughly the same proportion as the […]

The Potty Mouthed Wordsmith … a true tale from a real Mum

I remember Bridget Hickey, a girl in my class at school, teaching her toddler twin sisters the most foul mouthed words she could think of at the swings in Tooting when I was about 13 – as her Mum had remarried and she was angry and jealous of her siblings. Today my guest blogger is Laura […]

Is it OK for your children to swear at you?

OVER TWO THIRDS OF PARENTS ALLOW CHILDREN TO SWEAR:   4 IN 5 PARENTS SWEAR IN FRONT OF KIDS  I was reading a survey about swearing today and it got me pondering…… Research  has found that over two-thirds of parents allow their children to swear without punishment, effectively accepting the practice and 4 in 5 parents swear […]