‘The Alternative To Smacking’ Checklist.

As France bans parents from hitting their children & England  discusses it. The debate rages on…. If you have just entered into a disciplinary arms race with your kids, then smacking is NOT the answer. Parenting doesn’t have to be a battle. Using positive discipline, you CAN teach your kids to behave without threats, bribes, […]

‘I was smacked as a child and it didn’t do me any harm’ – is a MYTH. Read WHY!

  There is a “definitive link” between smacking children and behavioural difficulties, a new study has found. Researchers at University College London, who reviewed 20 years of research on the topic, found that physical punishment is not effective in improving children’s behaviour, and instead makes it worse. I have been on Channel 5 News, GB News, TalkRadio and interviewed a great deal this week as a new […]

Is it OK to smack your child?

Smacking is back in the news again. Bringing up happy, healthy, polite and caring children has never been easy. Everyone gets angry with their kids at some time or another – it’s normal – it’s healthy. Kids know just what buttons to push and they push them! I know mine do! But what sort of […]

Education Director Argues Smacking Is ‘Tactile’ Contact In Debate On ‘Good Morning Britain’’ featured in The Huffington Post.

I’m featured in The Huffington Post today  Just look at my face ! Education Director Argues Smacking Is ‘Tactile’ Contact In Debate On ‘Good Morning Britain’’ An education expert explained why she believes smacking children can be acceptable as it is a part of the “tactile” relationship parents have with their kids. Kate Ivens, education director of […]

Why is it that when an adult hits a child we call it discipline ?

 Building Your Children’s Character Without Smacking Them.   I’ve just come off the sofa on ITV ‘Good Morning Britain’ with Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway discussing smacking. I felt the pressure of 2 presenters and a lady from a Charity agreeing that it’s OK to smack, tap, and hit a child as it depends on […]

Smacking is really NOT the answer…..

I was just interviewed on Talk Radio in a heated debate on smacking. Throughout my 10 years of being a parenting author this is the topic that generates the most controversy. I remember writing about this topic in my first book ‘Raising Happy Children For Dummies’ and I offered absolutely loads of alternative ways to […]