Be Your Own Cheerleader ?

Let’s be honest life can be really  hard at the best of times, but it’s even tougher at the moment. So wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a professional cheerleader just to follow you around all day and cheer you on? Someone that kept telling you you’re doing a great job even when […]

The ultimate gift a parent can give their children is CONFIDENCE.

Nurturing Your Child’s Self Esteem In recent years the words “self confidence” and “self esteem” and “self belief” seem to have become very fashionable and “buzz” words and as parents we are forever being told about how we must nurture and not harm our child’s self esteem but how do we go about it? Self-esteem […]

Steps for developing tenacity, ‘stickability,’ willpower, passion & perseverance, otherwise known as ‘GRIT’ in your kids so they develop self-confidence, self-esteem & self-belief.

Helicopter parenting, coupled with the belief that we should never let our children fail, have given rise to kids who are ill-prepared to cope with life’s challenges. With more research showing that ‘over involved’ parenting leads to more anxious and entitled kids, it’s clear that grit and resilience will benefit children in school and once […]

Giving your kids the ultimate gift of a ‘Can Do Kid’ attitude to Life.

  A must, must watch video from the very wonderfully inspiring Oprah. There’s never a hero to rescue you – there’s only you if you want to make it happen ! Get excited about your life, get focused, be clear and take very small steps for perhaps weeks, months or years to make your dream […]