I was touched by this little boy’s compliment……

I was in a school today and I always put my reading glasses on my jumper as a habit, as I’m tooooo proud to get a reading chain that hangs around my neck,  as I think that’s what old people do !! ( Vain woman that I am!) BUT what really struck me today was […]

Teaching children respect, good manners and curtesy for others.

I really enjoyed our discussion on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire  with Annie Oethan discussing manners with Liz Brewer from Ladette to Lady fame as we were discussing a school in Fowey Community College who have introduced manners and etiquette to  teenage girls and boys who seem to be loving them ! Click here to listen […]

One small step for man – one giant leap for mankind.

  I had just turned 9 years old when we sat as a family transfixed watching the first man to step onto the moon on 20th July 1969. Neil was the product of an era that dreamed of reaching for the stars and inspired the generations of astronauts that followed him. He was a modest […]

I’m excited as today I am interviewing Bear Grylls about his passion for getting kids OFF THE SOFA & OFF THE COMPUTER GAMES !

                                             Today I am excited as I am interviewing Bear Grylls about his passion for outdoor activities. With today’s kids glued to computer games, ipads, ipods and TV I thought it would be fascinating to discover more about Bear’s passion for teaching kids to build dens, make rope swings and have fun […]