The Dummy Tree, The Tooth Fairy & other quirky family traditions around the world !

I’m always encouraging my parents to create their own family traditions from bike rides to bowling, from having a film night in with popcorn to having a Sunday Lunch together as it builds memories that last a lifetime. I also love exploring and I came upon this really interesting  article about parenting traditions from different cultures around the world […]

Rhythms, Rituals & Routines – The Sue Atkins Weekly Parent Coaching Question

I am reading the very wonderful book “Celebrating Families” –   which is just bursting with simple,practical ways to enhance family life  by my friend Helen Sanderson and Maye Taylor at the moment and I can’t put it down! I keep having to stop and highlight their wonderfully simple yet inspiring ideas and I was in […]

Reading, Rainbows and Rituals

Sometimes in life you just feel so blessed and grateful for the opportunities that come your way don’t you? Well last week I went to a wonderfully inspirational talk about “ Play” at my friend Kathy Kershaw’s excellent School in Esher, Rowan Prep School with Neil Griffiths the author and inspiration behind the Storysack Play […]