Boys & Toys – Let’s Talk Guns!

          Like many parents, you may be torn between allowing your kids to play with the toy guns they’re clearly drawn to, and fearing it’ll turn them into violent psychopaths. Why do kids—and boys, especially—gravitate towards guns? Studies show that boys and girls have different styles of play, especially between the ages of three […]


This month, Dr Amanda Gummer weighs up the different skills boys and girls develop using toys, and highlights three Good Toy Guide reviews. Whether you believe that gender-based play is biologically or socially constructed, there’s no denying some toys appeal to boys more than girls. Does it matter? We’d argue not really. As long as […]

Playing with guns – what are your thoughts?

Today I read an interesting blog on a qualified carer and educator blog called Auntie Annie’s Childcare on Playing with guns. As a teacher it was always a difficult one – as a Mum it was an easy one – I didn’t let my son Will make guns or play with guns or play any video […]