Hitting the Brakes: Rethinking Being A ‘Parent Taxi’

From Screens to Streets: Unplugging and Unleashing Independence Stepping back from the role of always being a parent taxi and gradually allowing kids more independence to play out, walk to school, and bike to local shops requires a thoughtful approach that balances safety, communication, and gradual autonomy. But it’s an important part of getting them […]

More Play Leads To More Learning – Making Christmas Presents Easy

“Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth.”  ~ American Academy of Paediatrics It’s coming up to Christmas and you’re probably wondering what toys to buy for your kids. I think it’s helpful to remember that more play leads to more learning and that […]

8 Reasons Why Rough & Tumble Play, Roughhousing or Horseplay is Good for Kids.

    I was sent in this question for my ‘Don’t Stew- Ask Sue’ feature on  The Sue Atkins Parenting Show podcast. My husband plays very rough with my 3-year-old daughter, but when they play, my husband hangs her upside down by the ankles at some point surprising her, for example, they are playing wrestling, […]

Sue Atkins: I love outdoor play because…

Outdoor play, climbing trees and riding bikes I used to love taking my kids to the park when they were young and watching them run off to chase our dogs, jump, hide, shout, whistle, climb and explore the natural world. Wrapped up warm with jumpers and wellies they always arrived back home with rosy cheeks, […]

10 simple and easy ways to develop your young child’s play

The importance of play in your children’s development There’s a great deal happening during playtime. Little ones are lifting, dropping, looking, pouring, bouncing, hiding, building, knocking down, discovering, exploring, and gaining dexterity and kinaesthetic experiences. They are learning key scientific concepts, such as what sinks and floats; mathematical concepts, including how to balance blocks to […]

The Importance Of Play

Play is in danger of becoming a lost ‘art’ for families across the UK, as 21% of time-starved parents admit that they have forgotten how to play and struggle to engage their children in creative and imaginative activities that will help their development according to a new report. Lots of research has shown that brain […]

The Fun & Importance of Soft Play.

Whilst your school-aged children are back into their new term routines, it’s time to focus on your toddlers & pre-schoolers. If you don’t want to do a big family day out and are looking to save some pennies this time of year, play centres are the best place to start. I have spent many happy […]

Defining the Outdoor Classroom & Why it’s Important, Fun & Educational.

First Discoverers and Wesco are delighted to announce the launch of their new free childcare ebook, ‘Defining The Outdoor Classroom’. The latest in a succession of highly popular ebooks, this amazing resource is a comprehensive guide to every aspect of outdoor learning and play in Early Years. The ebook covers everything from risky play to […]

Pretend play – the importance of make believe and dressing-up games for toddlers.

Many toddlers these days are tech-savvy, able to master the TV remote, computer games and hand held consoles from a very early age. Despite living in this world of gadgetry experts believe children should also be encouraged to have fun in the world of their own imagination. Kids love playing dressing-up games, role-play and make-believe […]