The Sue Atkins Parent Question

  As a new report shows that TV adverts encourage children to guzzle fizzy drinks rather than water, this week’s question for you to ponder is: Just for this week how can I cut down on my child’s sugar intake ?    

Why is Sugar Bad For Me Mummy? – Simple Ways To Talk to Your Kids About Sugar.

I read a fascinating blog post by Emelie Kamp a licensed nutritional counsellor & author of The Sugar Story about ‘How to Talk to Your Kids About Sugar.’ Emilie teaches courses about sugar, but when her five-year-old niece asked her, “Aunt Emelie, why is sugar bad for me?”, she realised that she didn’t have a simple […]

Our screens are getting flatter, but our children are getting fatter.

I’m appearing today on a debate around this piece of research into obesity and TV’s in children’s bedrooms on BBC Radio Oxford. Children who have TVs in their bedrooms are more likely to be overweight than those who do not, a study by University College London scientists suggests. For girls in particular, they found the […]

10 Great Reasons Children Should Exercise – Checklist.

I’m off to appear in my friend Action Amanda’s video talking about the importance of getting children active through dancing tomorrow. It’s an important subject, as the obesity epidemic among children aged between 6-19 has almost quadrupled from what it was in the late 1960s. From the ‘cotton wool kids generation’ of children not being […]

Should you tell your child they’re fat?

  I was just on BBC Radio Leeds discussing this question, ‘Should you tell your child they’re fat?’ as it’s the start of National Childhood Obesity Week and nearly a quarter of British children are overweight by the age of three ! The real message behind the rather dramatic and unhelpful question on BBC Leeds was to […]

The Obesity Time Bomb

I was interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio  ( Listen here )  this morning discussing the  shocking survey that half the UK population will be obese by 2050 ! Dire warnings that half of Britons will be obese by 2050 are an ‘underestimate’, a shock report warns today. The obesity epidemic could be far worse […]

Well, thank God maths isn’t taught like that in schools.

Today I’m delighted to have Kate Long the author of “ Before She Was Mine”  which  is available on Amazon as my guest blogger today. Kate is discussing the importance of exercise. “Imagine you’re back at school, and on your way to a maths lesson. Although you appreciate maths is a vitally important life skill, it […]

Fat Britain: Tackling the obesity epidemic – what’s the solution?

I am speaking on LBC Radio tomorrow at 9.10 am on obesity in children in the UK. We are discussing this article and report in The Daily Mail Obesity rates in Britain are soaring with nearly a quarter of adults now classed as clinically obese. Despite Government warnings that we are turning into a nation […]