Vampires at the Nursery! Why Do Toddlers Bite?

  Biting! Vampires ???? at the Nursery ! Biting amongst little ones is a distressing but common problem for parents. But why do toddlers bite and how can you prevent it? Why toddlers bite. I think it’s really helpful to understand why your toddler may start biting before you start trying to change their behaviour. […]

Have you ever considered Split – Shift Parenting ?

I’ve just been interviewed for a magazine about Split- Shift parenting and I wonder if it’s something you might consider for your family or are currently trying out? For a dual income home, the arrival of a child leads to one unavoidable question: “Who’s going to look after the kids?” Lots of parents of course […]

How to prepare your kids for Nursery.

  Shiny new shoes – how to prepare yourself (and your child) for Nursery, From the moment you play peek-a-boo with your baby, you are preparing them for the process of moving away from you and learning about independence. Separation can be a difficult emotion not only for you as a parent but also for […]

Why your child NEEDS to make a mud pie !

“A chain of happy children trail each other joyfully around the garden dodging in and out of wigwams, wooden structures and plants. Others work intently, like a team of chefs, making an imaginary cake out of shaving foam, mud, leaves and whatever else they can find in the garden of the Limelight Family Learning Centre […]

Nursery Leadership Day is a huge success!

I was delighted to be the guest speaker for The Old Station Nursery’s 10th Birthday on Saturday 19th May at The Trident Centre in Warwick. It was a lovely day and a great honour to be sharing the day with Sarah and her wonderful staff. Read more here from Day   If you would […]