Why teenagers lie – and what to do about it.

              I have been working with parents who were beside themselves to discover that their teenage daughter has been consistently  lying to them, to her friends and to her teachers. There are are two aspects to this article as it’s not just about lying – as it’s also about a […]

John would like you to know that he did not eat those sprinkles!

How would you have handled this or have you had a similiar moment? He is soooo sweet and just keep in mind that many toddlers are still at a stage where the truth is often mixed up with make-believe. But perhaps the next step would be to chat about the difference between telling the truth […]

Most parents ‘lie to their children’ – what ones do you tell ?

I was chatting on LBC Radio today about a new study of families in the United States and China that shows that most parents tell lies to their children as a tactic to change their behaviour! The most frequent example was parents threatening to leave children alone in public unless they behaved. Persuasion ranged from […]