The ‘Never Enough’ Problem & How To Get Rid Of It.

I’ve been working a with a lovely busy Mum helping her re – connect with the fun of being a Mum of two young children. Tiredness, lack of sleep, lots of worry can rob us of the joy of being a parent. She’d fallen into the rather negative spin cycle of thoughts that we all […]

Listen Again

I had another busy week, I do enjoy doing these chats and I hope you enjoy hearing my views too. I do try and post on twitter and Facebook when these are coming up so if you want to tune in live you can but it’s nice to know that you can listen again if […]


Today’s guest is my great friend Andy Cope – who is the founder of The Art of Being Brilliant as well as being the author of the wonderful “Spy Dog” books. ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ has been described as the ‘Ready Brek Glow’ or as ‘An Upgrade of the Software Between Your Ears’. Andy’s messages […]

Love is Energy…. Pass it forward !

  I simply LOVE this video ! Turn up your speakers and embrace it’s message and have a really WONDERFUL week with your family !

So are you laughing enough?

Building Family Strengths with Humour I love laughing ….. I love laughing with my kids, laughing with my friends, laughing with Kevin (particularly at our new hobby of Salsa dancing lessons on a Wednesday night!!) and making people laugh…… it makes me feel good. It lifts my spirit when the days are grey and the […]