Top Tips For Talking To Your Children

    How and when we choose to talk to our children can have a profound affect on their future happiness. When I work with parents I talk and teach them how to “reframe”. Reframing is how we change the language we use to describe and discuss situations. Denmark has been voted as the happiest […]

Try This Simple Technique – A Smile Is A Curve That Puts A Lot Of Things Straight !

            I was reading an article on LinkedIn by Jonathan Phelan a Wellbeing & Resilience author & speaker who was listening to a fascinating programme on Radio 4 about communication. The interviewee reflected on how she trained police negotiators. One point she made was particularly insightful. When a police negotiator starts […]

How Do I Communicate Better With My Kids ?

How Do I Communicate Better With My Kids ? Communication with children is essential to their relationships and  to their healthy development. Effective communication is an essential & important life skill in all aspects of our lives, from talking & listening to our partners, clients or work colleagues to communicating with our children. During this past […]