Breastfeeding: A key tool to beat hunger so no child is born to die.

  There is a very powerful campaign from Save The Children launching today about breastfeeeding. “We have made dramatic progress, stopping children dying from preventable disease over the last decade, down from 12 million to 6.9 million in the last decade. But whilst there are fewer children dying, we’re not making the progress we should […]

What baby wants, baby delivers in IQ

  BABIES who are fed on demand are more likely to have a higher IQ and perform better at school, according to new research. The study suggests that eight-year-olds who were demand-fed as infants had IQs that were four or five points higher than those who were fed to a schedule. Researchers from Essex and […]

Celebrities Breast-Feeding: Why It Matters

Breast-feeding advocates believe that the more famous mums who nurse, the more accepted the practice will become. In case you missed it, in the March 19 issue of TIME, Bonnie Rochman wrote about why you should care when celebrity mums breast-feed their babies. Why, you ask? Because if you’re a celebrity, people pay attention to what […]