10 Reasons Why Older Siblings Can Be Terrible Baby Sitters

Here’s something to ponder as you plan your well deserved night out! “It seems only natural for older siblings to be given the position of built-in babysitter. After all, they know the family rules and expectations better than any hired babysitter would. However, even though this may seem the ideal situation, it might not necessarily […]

Rospa advice on when a child is old enough to babysit.

  Here’s a wonderful article from my friend Emma Hammett who is a wonderful professional who is passionate about First Aid. We caught up today over a coffee and I thought I’d pass this excellent article on to you. Do go and explore Emma’s excellent website for really good, professional advice around all sorts of […]

The “electric babysitter!”

The “Daily Mail” ran a headline on Tuesday about whether our little ones are at risk from the baby TV stations aimed at pre-school kids. There is concern that some parents are using the TV as a form of easy and stress free babysitting – plonking their babies and little ones in front of a […]