Getting your kids to help around the house – made easy of course!

I’m speaking on BBC Radio Kent about the importance of giving your kids chores to do in the house. I believe it makes them feel part of the family team, it teaches them independence and gives them the feeling of competence and capability. If it feels like you are the one bearing the brunt of […]

¿Cómo hago que mis niños prueben nuevos alimentos?

Es muy fácil que la hora de la comida se transforme en un campo de batalla. ¿Qué puedes hacer si tus hijos te piden pizzas y papitas pero tú buscas que coman sano y equilibrado? Aquí te damos algunos consejos. Read more here Cuando vayas de compras, anima a tus hijos a que elijan una nueva verdura, […]

I loved you enough …. a gentle reminder why we give our kids rules!

I’ve been writing about family rules & why they’re important for the Danonino website where I’ve written copiously about raising happy, confident, autonomous children. Here is a wonderful poem I came upon many years ago. I hope you like it. It’s by Erma Bombeck, an author whom I consider to be the original mum blogger although she was writing […]

What to do when kids want to choose their own outfits !

My 3-year-old wants to choose what she wears each day & we’re having terrible battles around stopping her wearing her princess dress with a woolly hat and wellies, or some days her ballet dress and fairy wings with flip flops. One week all she wanted to do was wear was her brother’s dragon suit. What’s […]

Tips To Autonomy.

Trust is the key. Autonomy means a lot more than simply growing up. It’s also having the self-confidence to do, and to try, certain things, which fosters & develops your child’s independence, and it also means developing the ability to think and act for themselves. By becoming autonomous, and therefore becoming more detached from you […]

Me do it! Me do it!

  Today I am delighted to have as my guest blogger: Laura Henry, Managing Director of Childcare Consultancy. Laura has worked in early years/education for over 25 years and has two teenage sons and we are meeting up to  talk about children, childcare and all things parenting today in Bletchingley over cupcakes and coffee ! For […]