Parents should be encouraging their children to spend more time online so that they can "save the country", the former head of GCHQ has said.

What do you make of this? Let your kids spend more time online to ‘save the country’, says ex-GCHQ chief Britain lacks cyber skills and is “desperately” short of computer scientists and engineers, warns a former cyberespionage chief. Mr Hannigan, who stood down as the director of Britain’s electronic surveillance agency in January, was responding […]

Try A Device Free Dinner.

Try A Device Free Dinner Learn how this one simple step can make a difference. I believe good habits start early – and they start with you ‘Talking & Teaching’ your kids good habits around their use of technology. So just for this week how about going for a #DeviceFreeDinner ?

If you can’t stop checking, clicking, surfing and liking, put your device down and read Adam Alter’s Irresistible, an important, groundbreaking book about why we’re addicted to technology, how we got here, and what we should do next.

I work with lots of parents at the end of their tether about their teenagers use of technology. But what about pausing to ponder our own use? I have to watch my use of Twitter and my constant checking of my iPhone for Instagram, Face Book, LinkedIn updates. If you can’t stop checking, clicking, surfing […]

Are your kids addicted to ‘digital drugs?’

Is YOUR child at risk? TODDLERS should not be watching any computers or televisions and children under five should have any viewing limited to an hour a day, parents have been warned by a new piece of research. The use of ‘digital nannies’  or as I call them ‘electric babysitters’ such as iPads and laptops […]