‘SCREENAGERS? ELECTRIC BABYSITTERS? How much screen time is OK for your kids? - 10 Tips to Handle Technology

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Details at a glance

When does screentime become unhealthy?

What are the guidelines and how can you ‘Talk & Teach’ your kids to find that balance between enjoying their iPad and playing outside?


Many parents believe that technology and gadgets are essential for their child’s development, but it can quickly and easily get out of hand can’t it?


How do you manage the moaning, whining & addiction in your house?


The amount of time a child spends in front of a screen is a question being asked not just by worried parents but psychologists, health organisations, schools and even governments.

Whether it’s Facebook, Snapchat, the internet or computer games, screen time is no longer merely a cultural issue about how children spend their leisure time, nor is it confined to concern over the educational value or inappropriate content – it’s a medical issue.


Experts are becoming worried about children’s mental health, addiction and ability to concentrate for long periods of time free from a screen.


By the age of seven the average child will have spent a full year of 24-hour days watching recreational screen media & over the course of childhood, children spend more time watching TV than they spend in school.

In this Wednesday Webinar you’ll learn:

  • Guidelines to reduce your child’s screen time for health, psychological and educational benefits.
  • Top Tips for Getting Back In Control of Your Child’s Technology
  • Ways To Create Your Family Rules Around The Length of Time Your Kids are on Screens
  • When to let them have their ‘Screen Time?’
  • Ways To Keep Them Safe By Know What They Are Accessing

We’ll also ‘Pause to Ponder’ What Sort of Role Model You Are Around Your Own Screen Time ! ?

When is it?

Date: 25/07/2018

Time: 8:00 pm

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