Bullying - Ways to Prevent, Manage & Handle It.

Free Live Webinar - Wednesday the 23rd May - 8pm for Parents looking to prevent & stop bullying

Sue Atkins Parenting Expert Webinar Live

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Sue Atkins
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“My son came to dread school because he was being bullied. He was terribly unhappy and frightened. We didn’t know what to do to help him…”

Sound familiar?

Thousands of children and parents are going through the pain and anguish caused by bullying right now.

You may not even know that your child is being bullied. They may be too scared or ashamed to tell you.

Or if you are aware of the problem, you might not know what to do about it.

You might think back to the old-fashioned strategies, things your parents might have said to you. Like:

“Hit back. Teach the bully a lesson.”

But physically fighting back is not the answer to bullying.

In this Wednesday Webinar I will give you some simple, effective and helpful ways to prevent & stop the bullying  – giving confidence and self-esteem back to your bullied child.

There are many things you, as a parent, can do to help.

Join this free webinar today and let’s stamp out bullying once and for all.

When is it?

Date: 23/05/2018

Time: 8:00 pm

My Parenting Made Easy Webinars offer information, practical tips and simple strategies to help you build your confidence so you can relax knowing that you have some tried and tested techniques so you can handle whatever life with kids throws at you.